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Skating Programs

Each skating program we offer has a different focus and expectation for skill level and performance.
Let's find the program that fits your child best:


What Can I Expect?


(Ages 3-5)

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New to skating and 3-5 years old? This is the program you want.

Our PreCanSkate program is designed to teach the most basic skating skills through games and songs that will teach your child to stand, move forward, backward, jump and turn.

30 Minute Session | Fully Coached


(Ages 5 and up)

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Have some skating experience? 5 years or older with no skating experience? CanSkate is the place to be.

Focused on the fundamental skating skills needed for hockey, figure skating, ringette or speed skating, your child will work through skills on edges, balance, stopping, speed, turns and much more. Your child will have tons of fun and always go home happy, and tired!

45 Minute Session | Fully Coached | 30 Minute Off-Ice Training program included for ages 8+


(Ages 5 and up)


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Are you a hockey player looking to improve skating skills? CanPower is our Hockey Focus program.

Build on skating skills needed for hockey and let your child master the basics and beyond to skate circles around the rest of their hockey team. This program uses hockey type drills to learn/master edges, turns, stops and speed drills.  Skaters must be able to skate forward, backward and stop.

45 Minute Session | Fully Coached

Advanced CanSkate

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Has your child mastered the basics? Let's challenge them.

Tailored to skaters Stage 4+, this program uses the entire ice to work on more advanced CanSkate skills. This program is perfect for skaters looking to improve their existing abilities and continue into hockey, ringette or figure skating.

45 Minute Session | Fully Coached |Option to add a Private Lesson | 30 Minute Off-Ice Training program included


(Must have Passed Stage 6 CanSkate)

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Passed CanSkate Stage 6 and ready to figure skate?

Here we focus on figure skating specific skills such as dances, figures, jumps, spins and movement as well as edges, stroking, balance and more. Skaters are evaluated on a frequent basis to show progress. To make the most out of your skater's development at this level, we recommend adding a 15 minute private lesson with a coach during free practice time. 

Combination Coached & Free Practise
15 Minute Group Lesson | Free Practice/Private Lessons | 30 Minute Off-Ice Training program included

Off-Ice Training

This 30 Minute Off-Ice class is designed to build strength, balance and flexibility through a combination of strength and cardio exercises to help build confidence and determination. This program is available for all registered skaters ages 8+.  Athletic clothing and running shoes are required.

30 Minute Session | Coach Led


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